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Neils work as a curator has encompassed a range of projects including exhibitions, festivals, concerts, radio shows and education projects.
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Drivetime Underground

A 5 part radio series in the form of a commercial radio show. Includes 16 specially commissioned features from a range of artists, as well as live performances, quizzes, games, phone-ins, travel reports and more.

Squib-box events

Since 2009 squib-box have been producing live events independently and in partnerships with galleries and organisations.

Notation 2008 & The Voice and Nothing More

Two exhibition/festivals staged in 2008 and 2009 respectively, in collaboration with the visual artist Sam Belinfante. Featured leading and emerging artists working in collaboration with musicians and composers.

Tate Learning Projects

Since 2011 Neil has been working closely with the learning team at the Tate Galleries, devising live interactive events, working with the curators on flagship family festivals, and leading workshop projects.