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New Pro Oracles (vocalists, vn, va, vc, bcl, video)   recording

Points to Self (2 vocalists, misc ensemble, video)   vox score   video score

Screen Tests (ongoing, misc.)   info and video

Priapic Whatever (Soprano with sextet & tape)   score   audio   video

Clubcb (String 4tet)   score   audio

Language Tape 1 (Strings, pf, egui, Sop, choir (or tape)   score   audio

Language Tape 2 (Strings, pf, egui, Sop, choir (or tape)   score   audio

Foke Music (Piano, Violin, Tape)   score   audio

Pieface (Any instruments)   score  

Mark & Tony (Misc. Ensemble, 2 Voices)   score   audio

Bubbles (2009 rev. 2016) (Voice and misc. ens.)   score   video

Field Recordings (Open instrumentation, voice, ACME duck call)   audio   video

Le Premiere Sang (Clarinet and Body Percussion)   score   audio

Liebestod (2 Amplified vocalising accordionsists)   score   audio

Gaze (Female voice, male voice, objects, video)

Technical Knockouts (Voice and stage hand)   score   video

Submission (Rear Naked Choke) (Guitarist and stage hand)   video

Gogoplata (with hands clapsed) (Vocalist and misc. ensemble)   video

Selected Poems (Ensemble version) (voice, violin, viola, cello/db, egui, tape)   audio


Thing (Hands)   video

2018 (Piano and tape)   score

Urr, (voice, guitar, objects and tape)   video

Selected Poems (solo version) (solo voice, optional ens.)   video

Thing (Percussion)   score

Abacus, Cube, Doll (Accordion)   score   audio

Club (Viola, or Violin)   score   audio   video

Clubc (Viola, or Violin)   score

My Dull Mouth (vocalist and tape)

Maestro (vocalist and tape)   audio

Monochrome Masochist (classical guitar)


Greeting (SATB choir + soloist + tape)   video

PA (SATB choir + speaker + optional audience participation)

Bloody Sirens (SATB choir)   score

Any's Response's (SATB choir, 2 solo voices, arbitor)   audio

Namesaying (SATB choir and percussion)   score   audio

Misty (SATB choir and solo amplified singer)   audio

Groupies (Any number of voices, optional ensemble)   audio

Rhizome (20 voices)

A Clear Midnight (SSATB)


Split (Str. orch. and str.q)   score   audio

Sprung (Amateur orchestra)   score


Ritual (voice, vn, va, death metal ensemble, wrestlers)   info and media  

Perfect Geek (3 performers, video, audio)   info and media  

Corpse in Context (composed by ARCO) (Voices, egui, va, vn, electronics)   info and media  

Via Gut (Voices, egui, va, bcl, electronics)   info and media  

Herakles! (Voices, egui, vn, va, db, cl)   score   audio   video

Notebook (Solo voice, objects, tape)   video

My Dull Mouth (Solo voice, objects, tape)

Healthy Mind, Healthy Body (Solo voice, objects, tape)   video

Shadow Prophets (squib-box) (voices and ensemble)   video

Swarm (with Aya Kobayashi) (misc ensemble and dancers)   video

Motor Neurosis (with Aya Kobayashi & Rob Bell) (misc ensemble and dancers)   video

Nigel of Tilford (with Satoko Doi-Luck) (misc ensemble and amateur vocalists)


Instruments of the Afterlife (Music for BurtonNitta project)   more info here

Live interactive installations (Tate projects)   more info here

In Preparation (with Athina Vahlar)   more info here

Wood For the Trees - installation (with MUF)   more info here

Critics, Academics, Geeks - performance installation (with Matthew Lee Knowles)

For the Birds - performance installation (with Matthew Lee Knowles)   video

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