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Notebook was a project (from around 2008-2013) focused on the musical setting of re-arranged material from the notebooks of the American playwright, director and film-maker Richard Foreman. It took the form of entire curated performance events, as well as short performances. Below are some archived materials that came out of the project. For more info just contact me directly.

Notebook European dates 2013

Notebook was presented as part Schiume Festival, Mestre, Italy, in July, and then at Dimanche Rouge festival, Helsinki, Finland in October.

Photo: David Canton, Schiume Festival 2013

Musarc ON AIR commission

The summer of 2013 saw a new commission from the remarkable choir Musarc. Partly a companion piece to Misty, a new piece Namesaying was preimiered on the 20th of July at St Sepulchre church, London. The piece uses a form of photographic notation which aims to ‘dismantle’ texts, taken from Foreman’s notebooks, into discreet sounds and phonemes.

Also on the programme were new works and perfomances by Mary Pappenheim and Hannibal Andersen.

Musarc performed the piece again at Milton Keynes Art Gallery on the 9th of November 2013.

Here's a clip of the piece:

10.05.2013 Herakles!

Herakles! is a piece of music theatre, drawing together elements of avant-garde music, live art and experimental theatre. Scored for 4 players from the experimental string ensemble ARCO, as well as the composer, the piece is an interleaved and overlaid set of musical-physical fragments or trials; an abstract and absurdist retelling of the Herculean labours.

Referencing an eclectic range of sources including contemporary classical music, magick rituals, concrete poetry, slapstick, free improvisation, Kabuki theatre and Broadway showstoppers, Herakles! is a culmination of Neil Luck’s ‘Notebook’ series; a collection of works of varying scale and media using as a basis, texts drawn from the notebooks of the avant-garde playwright, director and filmmaker Richard Foreman.

The support of the Musician's Benevolent Fund, the PRSF, the Hinrichsen Foundation, Iris Theatre, and squib-box arew gratefully acknowledged.

Further details here

Spill Festival of Performance 2012

Notebook was presented as part of Spill Festival of Performance in Ipswitch in October 2012.

Photo: Kier Fearnie, SPILL Festival of Performance 2012, produced by Pacitti Company

Last Wane Days: March 2012

A new free EP, Last Wane Days is released on squib-box.
This two-act monodrama for voice, strings, piano, and guitar has been composed by Neil in collaboration with the acclaimed singer-songwriter Fiona Bevan, and is performed by the avant-garde string ensemble ARCO.
Cast half in the form of a dislocated language tape, half as a subverted pop album, Last Wane Days is a pile-up of lush orchestrations, radio jingles, noise, sumptuous vocals, MIDI sounds, dream sequences, and deformed rock guitar solos.
A head-on collision of the sublime and the ridiculous.

The EP is available as a free download from the squib-box website.

Tokyo Experimental Festival 2012

On the 10th of January 2012, as a result of winning the 2011 Encouragement Prize Neil was invited to present a new 40 minute solo performance at the Tokyo Wondersite, Japan. The performance was part of the 2012 Tokyo Experimental festival.

©Tokyo Wonder Site, Photo: Toshiya Suda

Video courtesy of the Tokyo Wonder site

Raven Row

On 10.7.2011 Trial (Error) MkII was presented as part of Gone With the Wind at Raven Row Gallery, London.
The performance was part of a programme curated by Resonance 104.4 FM, resident at the gallery, and was broadcast live by the station.
The performance featured Tom Jackson (tenor sax.) and Gemma Drake (narration for the visually impared).

Right-click here to download the full broadcast

Watch some highlights from the performance

Tokyo Experimental Festival 2011

Trial (Error), a solo realisation of old and new material from Notebook.

Presented at the Tokyo Wonder Site, Japan, 24.02.11.
Part of the Tokyo Experimental Festival.
Supported by The British Council with Sound and Music.

Winner of the Festival's "Encouragement Prize".

TOKYO EXPERIMENTAL FESTIVAL - SOUND, ART & PERFORMANCE Neil Luck "Trial (Error)" February 24, 2011
© Tokyo Wonder Site, Photo: Toshiya Suda

Chelsea Space

Image from Squib-box performing Notebook at The Chelsea Space, London

Performed by:

Adam de la Cour- Voice/Guitar
Federico Reuben - Electronics
Mark Knoop - Accordion
Fiona Bevan - Voice/Guitar
Javier Carmona - Drums

Part of Should I Stay Or Should I Go curated by RUN gallery. Photos by Eszther Takacs.

Healthy Mind, Healthy Body


Healthy Mind, Healthy Body #1 (after Stuart Sherman).

Video: Rebecca Birch
Editing: Neil Luck
Stage Assistant and Voice: Madge

Whitechapel Gallery

Images from Neil Luck performing Notebook at The Whitechapel Gallery, London.

Part of MicroPerformance, curated by Rebecca Birch. Photos by Rebecca Birch.

Bishopsgate Institute

Neil Luck (vox), Fiona Bevan (gui/vox), and Sam Rice (Db) perform
Addict at the Bishopsgate Institute, London.

Field Broadcast

Neil Luck and Adam de la Cour performing Trio.

Part of Field Broadcast, curated by Rebecca Birch and Rob Smith.

Mark Knoop: Accordion Favourites

Mark Knoop performs Liebestod. Released on squib-box.

Here's a short excerpt:

MUSARC: London Festival of Architecture

On the 1st of July, MusArc choir workshopped and performed MISTY at St. Stephen Walbrook's, as part of the London Festival of Architectre.

Text is taken from the notebook Deep Stories 1