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Gold Dust Live headphone performances in an intimate domestic setting; recorded at The Ceramic House, part of Brighton Festival 2011. Released by Slightly Off Kilter.


Performances by:

Paul Khimasia Morgan
Michalis Mavronas
Neil Luck
Jon Aveyard
Marcus Leadley
Joseph Young

Last Wane Days is the latest manifestation of Neil Luck’s Notebookproject, a monodrama for voice and strings.
A head-on collision of the sublime and the ridiculous. Released by squib-box.

Fiona Bevan: Voice
Ruta Vitkauskaite: Violin
Benedict Taylor: Viola
Richard Thomas: Cello
Sam Rice: Double Bass
Adam de la Cour: Guitar
Satoko Doi: Piano
Neil Luck: Percussion, voice

Composed and arranged by Neil Luck with Fiona Bevan
Text by Richard Foreman, Fiona Bevan, and Gérard de Nerval

Recorded by Oli Whitworth and Richard Thomas Mixed and edited by Oli Whitworth Produced by Oli Whitworth, Neil Luck, Fiona Bevan Cover artwork by Aysegül Wilde

The support of the THE BLISS TRUST and the PRSF are gratefully acknowledged.

A Squib-box Production.

Spoken Word Music is the debut album from Spoken word Trio KLK. Released by squib-box.

Matthew Lee Knowles - voice
Neil Luck - voice
Josh Kaye - voice

Recorded by Oli Whitworth
Edited and Mixed by Richard Thomas with KLK
Cover artwork by Matthew Lee Knowles

A Squib-box Production.

ARCO! The Greatest Hits is a live recording made by the ensemble in Vilnius, Lithuania. Released by squib-box.

Neil Luck- Director/Bird Calls/Voice
Adam de la Cour - Guitar/Voice
Richard Thomas - Cello/Voice
Sam Rice - Double Bass/Voice
Migle Anusauskaite - Live Translation
Rita Maciliunaite - Voice
Robin Baynton - Phone in

Recorded Live by Richard Thomas at the Trade Union Palace, Vilnius, Lithuania 12.09.2009
Presented as part of The Process festival, Vilnius Capital of Culture 2009. Edited and Mixed by Neil Luck
Cover Deisgn by Sam Belinfante

Special thanks to Marija Grikeviciute, Ruta Vitkauskaite and Rita Maciliunaite.

A Squib-box Production.

Ground Techniques attempts to map the artist's body using a variety of performance and compositional techniques.

Performers from ARCO collective and beyond:

Neil Luck - Body sounds
Adam de la Cour - Guitar
Ben McDaid Wren - Drums
Fiona Bevan - Vocals/Guitar
Greta Pistaceci - Theremin
Lawrence Tatnall - Trombone
Matthew Lee Knowles - Piano
Richard Thomas - Cello/Office furniture

and from the Oxford Improvisors -

Bob Nichol - Tenor Sax
Chris Brown - Guitar
Chris Hills - Percussion
David Stent - Guitar
Dominic Lash - Doublebass
Jill Eliot - Viola
Julian Faultless - Horn
Martin Hackett - Melodicas
Trisha Elphinstone - Soprano Sax

Engineered by Oli Whitworth and Richard Thomas
Edited and Mixed by Neil Luck

A Squib-box Production.

Accordion Favourites
Mark Knoop.


Track Listing:

1. Walrus (Michael Finnissy)
2. Liebestod (Neil Luck)
3. Even So... (Claudia Molitor)
4. Favourite Chord (Laurence Crane)
5. Neun und Neunzig (Adam de la Cour)
6. Air Fool Agony Face (Chris Newman)

Available via itunes, Amazon, and the squib-box website.
A Squib-box Production.

One Minute Wonders
Clive Williamson


The One Minute Wonders project began life as a module for composition students at the University of Surrey where Clive Williamson teaches. Within the confines of a very short piece the composers were asked to produce a piece which was representative of their compositional style. The project was developed by Clive Williamson and has grown to include many of the most eminent composers currently working in the UK.
Disc includes Attraction/Repulsion by Neil Luck.

Available to purchase as a CD or mp3 download from the Cadenza Music website.
A Cadenza Music Production.