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Released on Entr'acte

Stream on Bandcamp


Collaboration with Mimi Doulton

Stream on Bandcamp



4 choral works written for Musarc 

Released on Entr'acte

Also available from Boomkat


Ursonate (2020)

Neil Luck & Adam de la Cour

Live recording from 2018.

Released on squib-box

Unmeasured Preludes for Keyboards (2020)

Neil Luck, Satoko Doi-Luck

Solo keyboard works inspired by early French Baroque practise of unmeasured preludes.

Works for Harpsichord, Roland Juno 60, and MIDI controller.

Released on squib-box

New Vocal Solutions (sampler) (2018)

Various Artists, compiled by Neil Luck


Experimental approaches to Vocaloid software, and the voice of Hatsune Miku

Released on squib-box

Last Wane Days (2012)

Neil Luck, Fiona Bevan, ARCO

A song cycle co-written by Neil Luck and Fiona Bevan

Released on squib-box

We All Emerge Some Hours Later, Baffled (2018)

Neil Luck & James Greer


Hypnagogic radio monologue on the constructed from manipulated field recordings, made late at night in various districts of Tokyo 

Released on squib-box

Ground Techniques (2009)

An early mixtape experimenting with mapping the artist's body through sound.

Released on squib-box

As a band-member / contributor

Antechamber Music (2021)


Compilation of new, experimental music

Released on Accidental Records

Accordion Favourites (2011)

Mark Knoop plays Accordion, including my piece Liebestod.

Released on squib-box

Private Parties (2020)

A selection of freely improvised party music by ARCO

Released on squib-box

I hope this finds you well in these strange times (2020)


One track included on this compilation album.

My track is an edited collection of improvisations on the Roland Juno-60 synthesizer.

Released on Nonclassical

Rechtschaffen and Kales (2019)


A three-piece-suite of free improv by ARCO

Released on ROAM

ARCO! The Greatest Hits (2009)


Live recoding from Vilnius, The Process Festival.

Pieces by Neil Luck, Matthew Lee Knowles, and Adam de la Cour

Performed by Neil Luck, Matthew Lee Knowles, Adam de la Cour, Richard Thomas, and Sam Rice

Released on squib-box

Spoken Word Music (2013)


Pieces (mostly) by Matthew Lee Knowles,

Performed by KLK (Matthew Lee Knowles, Neil Luck, Josh Kaye)

Released on squib-box

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