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Most of my works have scores of one sort or another.

If you'd like to see any of them just drop me an email.

neilluck [at] hotmail [dot] co [dot] uk

Staged performance works


​Everything is Churning and Opening (2023) Colourscape, ARCO, Monika Czyzyk Link

Sensible Activities (2022-ongoing) performance walks with ARCO & Athina Vahlar Link

The Melting Ceremony (2022) For 5 players, Video, Morris Dancers Link

Real Telepaths (2021-2023) For solo voice, trio, & tutti of c.20 diverse musicians Link

Thrust Out the Oil (short work for Sam Belinfante's On the Circulation of Blood) (2021) Link

A Convenient Place for our Rehearsal (collaboration with Sam Belinfante) (2020)

(voices, doublebass, percussion, tape, video) Link

Imaginary Solutions (collaboration with Takahiro Tomatsu) (2019)

(large ensemble, voice, Butoh dance) Link

Bad Metropoles (2019) (solo voice and video) Link

Live Guy Dead Guy (2017-2018) (4 performers, video) Link

Ritual (2017) (wrestlers, death metal band, host, guests) Link

Beethoven Violin Concerto (2017) (solo violin, chamber ensemble) Link

[sweet-ERROR:miku] (collaboration with squib-box (2016)

(voices, instruments, video) Link


Urr (2016) (solo voice, guitar, tape) Link

Via Gut (2015) (ensemble, voice, tape) Link

My Dull Mouth (2015) (solo tabletop) Link

Herakles! (2012-2013) (6 players voice, video) Link

Notebook (2012) (solo tabletop) Link

Ursonate (2012) (two voices) Link

Shadow Prophets (collabroation with squib-box) (2011)

(chamber ensemble and voices) Link

Healthy Mind, Healthy Body (2009) (solo tabletop) Link

Motor Neurosis (collaboration with Aya Kobayashi and Robert Bell) (2008)

(dance and ensemble) Link

Ensemble pieces for other people


Five English Folk Songs (ensemble version) (2023) for two voices, piano, percussion Link

Beethoven/Mendelssohn Violin Concerti (2017-2022) with Chihiro Ono and ARCO Link

Three Votive Mysteries (2022) for choir, soloists, windband Link


In the Style of Old Times / Innan thee stile fram Olde Tymes (2021) for sextet, 2 videos

Regretfully Yours, Ongoing (2018) (voice, orchestra, video, choir, soloists) Link

Deepy Kaye (2018) (voice, viola, cello, video) Link

New Pro Oracles (2016) (string quartet, bcl, voice, video) Link

Selected Poems (2016) (3 string players, voice, tape) Link

Points to Self (2015) (misc. ensemble & two voices & video) Link

Priapic Whatever (2015) (ensemble and soprano) Link

Clubcb (2016) )String Quartet) Link

Clubb (2014) (String Quartet) Link

Amercia (2011) (steel pan orchestra) Link

PIe Face (2015) (any ensemble) Link

Mark & Tony (2011) (ensemble and voice) Link

Liebestod (2011) (2 vocalising accordionists) Link

Bubbles (2009/2015) (misc. ensemble and belching) 

Field Recordings (2009) (misc. ensemble and duck calls) Link

Le Premiere Sang (2013) (body percussion & clarinet)

Gogoplata (with Hands Clasped) (2008) (misc. ensemble & pushups) Link

Submission (Rear Naked Choke) (2007) (guitar & manipulator)

Solo pieces for other people


Six Leaf Strategies (2024) (voice and leaves) Link

Why (2022) (voice and helium balloon) Link

Whatever Weighs You Down (2022) (solo pianist, 2 videos, Mimu gloves) Link

Kate Limbo (2021) (solo pianist and camera operator) Link

Unmeasured Preludes for Keyboard (2020) Link

Modern Times & Forms of Love (2019-2020) (keyboard & video) Link

Thing (2016) (hands on table)  Link

2018 (2015-2016) (piano & video) Link

Selected Poems (2016) (voice, tape) Link

Abacus, Cube, Doll (accordion) (2014) 

Clubc (2014) (viola) 

Club (2012) (viola) Link

Pieces for multiple voices / choir


LIEF (2023) for choir playing leaves 


Five English Folk Songs (2023) for two voices Link

PA (2017)

Greeting (2016) Link

Bloody Sirens (2015) Link

Any’s Response’s (2015) Link

Namesaying (2013) Link

Misty (2010) Link

Groupies (2008) Link

Rhizome (collaboration with Sam Belinfante) (2008)

Works for Radio & Sound Art projects


Sensible Activities (2022 ongoing) body of work for outdoor groups

Digital Listening (2023) lecture performance with Tom Service


Vomit Music from the Bucket (2023) sound installation in collab Monika Czyzyk


Mycelium Orgasm Report (2022) sound in VR work by Monika Czyzyk Link

Help Me Hold Me Please You (2022) Link

Poltergeist Gifthorse (2020) Link

Orderly Mouthpiece Spent (2018) Link

We all emerge some hours later, baffled (2018) Link

Drivetime Underground (2016) Link

Instruments of the Afterlife (2015) Link

Accordion (collaboration with Sam Belinfante) (2015) Link

Wood for the Trees (collaboration with MUF architecture and Grizedale Forestry) (2009) Link

Outreach and education projects


Xmas at the Museum - soundwalk (2017) Link

Curiosities - soundwalk (2014) Link

Families projects portfolio (ongoing) Link

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