Jennifer Walshe x Neil Luck


Photo by Dimitri Djuric

A duo performance by Jennifer Walshe and Neil Luck of changeable meaning, flexible proportions, unpredictable outcomes...


An experiment in technological occultism. J&N use arcane and modern sound recoding technology, projections, voices, objects and texts to divine meanings, messages, and narratives from the detritus of everyday informational noise. 

The audience is invited to experience the performers dredging gnomic readings of real and artificial matter from new and old words, deep audio files, and personal belongings

The duo have performed live in London, and recorded a Radiophonic 50 minute work for BBC Radio 3's 'The New Music Show'.

Excerpt 1Walshe & Luck
00:00 / 03:28
Excerpt 2Walshe & Luck
00:00 / 01:52

Photo by Dimitri Djuric