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October 26th 2024

lovemusic collective perform Deepy Kaye, Aberdeen, Scotland 

October 2024

Residency at Kinosaki Arts Centre, Japan

October 4th 2024

WACK with Jennifer Walshe, Riga

July 18th 2024

Experimental Radio Salon, London with Max Syedtollan and The WIRE, details tbc

July 11th 2024

New work TBA

June 23rd 2024

lovemusic collective perform Deepy Kaye, Strasbourg, France 

June 22nd 2024

Odd Logics - Curating a show at the Horse Hospital, London

June 14 -

Screening of Organic Techno with Monika Czyzyk, Currents new Media Festival, Santa Fe, New Mexico

June 8th 2024

Performance as part of Miranda Whall's Dirty Ensemble, Aberystwyth, Wales

May 25th 2024

Kendall May Fest with Benedict Taylor & Adam de la Cour

May 18th - Nov 3rd 2024

Mycelium Orgasm Report VR installation with Monika Czyzyk & Gabriel de la Cruz, Malmo Konstmuseum, Sweden.

May 4th 2024

Sensible Activities, Spoleto Italy

April 19th 2024

Mycelium Orgasm Report VR work exhibited Venice Biennale, IAPSIS, Studio Giardini

April 6th 2024

lovemusic collective perform Deepy Kaye, Music Current Festival, Dublin

April - May 2024

Residency at Mahler Lewitt Studios, Spoleto, Italy

March 29th 2024

Sensible Activities, Epping Forest, London/Essex

Feb 2, 2024

lovemusic collective perform Points to Self, Logan Centre Penthouse, Chicago

Jan 28th 2024

Your Body is an Instrument, with Zubin Kanga et al, BBC world service 8:06am

Jan 17th 2024

Screening of short film collaboration with Monika Czyzyk The insufflated space of potatoes, Stuttgarter Filmwinter, DE

December 5 2023

Performing in Adam de la Cour's Oh Bobby, BBC Maida Vale, Radio 3 live Pantomime

December 2 2023 - 

Mycelium Orgasm Report VR work at HIAP, Helsinki

November 7 2023

Wack w/Jennifer Walshe, November Music, Netherlands tba

October 28 2023

Real Telepaths, with Klangforum Wien, Bludenzer Tage zeitgemäßer, Austria

October 20th

ARCO performance walk, London details TBC

October 25 2023

Lecture performance @ Venice Biennale w Tom Service

October 2023

Grub video work w/Monika Czyzyk exhibited Warsaw

September 29 2023

Performance at Durch Bruch festival, Stuttgart, DE

September 20 2023

Children of Pebbles finissage performance, Wunderkammer, Stuttgart, DE

September 17 2023

New work, Colourscape, London

July 21 2023 

New work for Ensemble Ascolta and Mimi Doulton, Somer in Stuttgart festival, DE

July 21 2023 

'Children of Pebbles' performance at WuKa Stuttgart

July 15 2023 

Screening for two weeks of Organic Techno, Mpeg Kunstraum, Leipzig

July 4 2023

Real Telepaths with Plusminus Ensemble, Klangspuren festival, Austria

June 25

LIEF, performed by Musarc

June 22-25 2023

Mycelium Orgasm Report (VR collab with Monika Czyzyk), at Floating University, Berlin

June 17

AMOK, Artefact Birmingham

June 1-16 2023

Project with Neda Kovinic, Tårnby Park Performance Festival, Copenhagen

May 17 2023

Performance with ARCO and RCM Experimental Music Group, Hundred Years Gallery, London

May 1 2023

Release of mini album Five English Folk Songs with Mimi Doulton


April 6th 2023

Installation of collaborative video ad VR works with Monika Czyzyk, Heidelberg Kunstverein, Germany.

March 18th 2023

Performance at Chloroplast, Stuttgart, DE

March 16th 2023

Performance as support for Object Collection with Mimi Doulton, Cafe Oto, London

March 3 2023  

Sound/VR work - Mycelium Orgasm Report / Vomit Music from the Bucket, with Monika Czyzyk, Currently Available, Stuttgart

Feb 21st 2023

Concert with Kit Downes (organ), Hospitalkirche, Stuttgart, DE

Feb 6th 2023

ARCO and Takahiro Tomatsu, Birmingham Conservatoire

Feb 5th 2023

ARCO and Takahiro Tomatsu, Kings Place, London

Feb 2023

New mix Lust Lake for NTS radio, guest mix for Mark Leckey's Abundance Dump

Jan 14th 2023

ARCO MenCon broadcast on BBC Radio 3

Dec 2022 - 

Sound for Monika Cyzzyk/Dylan Arnold show Frogs and Toads, Titanik Gallery Turku, Finland.

Dec 5th 2022

ARCO and Mimi Doulton, Hirchgang, Akademie Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart, DE

Dec 3rd 2022

Lust Lake performance walk party, the Forest, Germany.

October 26 2022

Performance with Louis D'Heurdieres & Laurie Tompkins, Neue Schachtel, Stuttgart, DE

October 25 2022

Performance with Louis D'Heurdieres & Laurie Tompkins, Stubnitz, Hamburg, DE

October 13 2022

Whatever Weighs You Down with Zubin Kanga, Cafe Oto, London

October 4-10 2022

Sound design and editing for Ogutu Muraya's installation How do you observe a stone that is about to strike you? Stadbibliothek, Stuttgart.

September 16 2022

WACK with Jennifer Walshe, St Mattias Stoke Newington, London.

September 13 2022

Performance of Jennifer Walshe Text Score Dataset, iklectik, London 

September 11 2022

Whatever Weighs You Down premiere by Zubin Kanga, Gaudeamus Festival, Pandora, Utrecht, Netherlands

September 10 2022

Innan thee Stile fram Auld Thymes premiere by Explore Ensemble, Festival of the New, Snape Maltings, Aldeburgh

August 14 2022

Taylor & Luck, Supernormal Festival, UK

July 2022

In residence for a while Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart Germany.

July 7 2022

The Melting Ceremony with ARCO & Hydar Dewachi. Spitalfields Festival. QMUL Octagon, London.

June 29 2022

Super Absence, curated show at Iklectik, London

June 14 2022

Lecture at Musikhochschule, Hamburg.

June 9 2022

Berlin, KM28 with Laurie Tompkins

May 27-29 2022

The End of the world Service, with Musarc in Taranto, Italy. Post Disaster Rooftops Festival.

May 22 2022

HYPERROMANTIC (featuring Mendelssohn Concerto) ARCO, Cafe Oto, London

May 19 2022

Mendelssohn Violin Concerto with ARCO, Freerange, Canterbury

May 15 2022

Hold Me Help Me Please You as part of Between the Ears, BBC Radio 3, 18:45

April 14 2022

Honkus Perform Pieface, Bermondsy Project Space, London

March 2022

Residency with Musarc in Taranto, Italy

February 2022

Residency at EMS, Stockholm

December 12th 2021

Screening of Hello?, made in collab with James Greer for Christof Mignone's - And - 

December 7th 2021

New Pro Oracles performed by Ossia Ensemble, Eastman School of Music, Rochester NY.

December 6-13

Residency, workshop, performance, with Kate Ledger and Ed Cooper, Ame, Huddersfield.

November 15 2021, 1pm

Real Telepaths, with Ensemble PlusMinus and students, Southampton University.

6 November 2021

SanBonYa 三本矢 (Chihiro Ono, Alex Paxton, Neil Luck) live on Resonance Extra, 3pm.

October 29 2021

Broadcast Mix for Sterrenplaten, Leuven, Belgium. Listen back here

October 22 2021

New percussion work Victoriana for Angela Wai Nok Hui, San Mei Gallery, London

October 19 2021

Real Telepaths, premiere with Ensemble PlusMinus and GSMD students. Part of The Festival of Laurence Crane.

October 16 2021

Thrust Out the Oil performed as part of Sam Belinfante's On the circulation of Blood, Folkestone Triennale.

September 22 2021 

Real Telepaths, premiere with Ensemble PlusMinus and students, Edinburgh University.

August 2021 

Solo album Downturn Fantasies released on Entr'acte

July 30 2021

Polka Dots and Moonbeams included as part of new compilation album, Accidental Records

July 23 2021

WACK live @ Cafe Oto, London

July 21 2021

Contribution to Sam Belinfante's On the Circulation of Blood, Folkestone Triennial

July 16 2021---

Solo set @ Nottingham Contemporary for Pommel

June 5 2021 ---

WACK (jennifer WAlshe & neil luCK) duo set, BBC Radio 3

2021 ---

Music for Anders Bigum's award winning short film Epic Epidemic

November 25 2020---

EP release: Unmeasured Preludes for Keyboards

October 10 2020--

Ursonate broadcast as part of Tusk film festival (2:30-4:30pm GMT)

October 3-4 2020---

New radio work with James Greer, Strange News form a Distant Star, broadcast as part of Memu Radio project, Hokkaido, Japan.

Sep-Dec 2020---

Co-leading Telemusik practical project with undergraduate students, University of York

Sep 2020

Album release; Private Parties, ARCO

Aug-Sep 2020---

Online performance workshops with Nonclassical

Aug 2020---

Poltergeist Gifthorse Video version, broadcast as part of Purgatory Shelf Object Theatre Variety Show (Waste Paper Opera & Manfred Arms)

July 2020---

New video work made in collaboration with Bastard Assignments.

May 30 2020 --- 

Poltergeist Gifthorse 'home session', broadcast on 'The New Music Show' BBC Radio 3 

May 16 2020 --- 

Object Collection's 'You are Under our Space Control' live stream

May 1 2020 --- 

'Tales from the Ark' radio show with ARCO broadcast on Resonance FM

April 30 2020 --- 

Proposals for Self Sabotage, published on Zeigeist 

April 10 2020 --- 

Ursonate album released on the squib-box label

March 19 2020 --- 

Arranger/composer for Sam Belinfante's new opera A Convenient Place for our Rehearsal. Zabludowicz Collection, London - POSTPONED

March 11 2020 ---

Performer (piano) in Cally Spooner's DEAD TIME 

Camden Arts Centre, London.

February 18 2020 ---

Solo performance, Space Eauuu, Kobe, Japan.

February 10 2020 ---

Performance with Takahiro Tomatsu, Jinya Imai, Miya Masoka, Hiroshi Obiki. Choja Studio, Yokohama, Japan.

February 7-13 2020 ---

UK presenter TPAM Festival, Yokohama, Japan. Invited by Japan Foundation, London.

February 7 2020 ---

Zubin Kanga performs Modern Times and Forms of Love

Rymer auditorium, York

January 31 2020 ---

Lecture-performance at Royal College of Art Writing/Performance symposium

January 29 2020 ---

James Mcilwrath performs Thing, Nonclassical, the Victoria Dalston, London

January 2020 ---

Resonance FM studio session with Jennifer Walshe

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