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Drivetime Underground is a radio series for the hottest new music around, delivered to you in one fun-and-up-to-the-minute 

fuel-injected shot.

Hear all about your favourite composers, and the big issues in the small world of new music alongside games, quizzes, news, travel and more.



Drivetime Underground was a radio show featuring experimental music and performance, but devised, produced, curated and presented in the style of a commercial radio ‘magazine’-style show. 

The series responded head-on to perceived growing commercial pressures faced by composers, performers, and organisations in today's cultural marketplace, whether that’s in the form of funding cuts and questionable governmental policies, rising costs of education, corporate sponsorship of arts centres, aggressive self marketing or cross-over tactics and the kinds of demands this puts on artists and their work.

Drivetime Underground was not, however, purely satirical or critical per se. Rather, it positioned itself as a hypothetical outcome of the current cultural landscape - a site where artistic and commercial concerns can collide. A dissonant combination of the highbrow and the lowbrow, the esoteric and the exoteric.








Devised, produced and presented by Neil Luck

Broadcast on Resonance 104.4 FM

In partnership with Sound and Music Composer-Curator scheme



Drivetime Underground features live and recorded contributions from:


Bastard Assignments

Fiona Bevan

Leo Chadburn

Iain Chambers & Catherine Carter

ClapTON Ensemble (Elo Masing & Ilze Ikse)

Cup & Cough

Adam de la Cour

Stephen Crowe

Karen David

Richard Dedomenici

Sharon Gal

Andy Ingamells

Tom Jackson

Zubin Kanga

Mark Knoop


Langham Research Centre with Anthony Sellors

Lore Lixenberg

Neil Luck

Elo Masing

Hatsune Miku

Jenny Moore

Chihiro Ono

Parkinson Saunders

Matt Rogers & Sally O'Reilly

Steve Roggenbuck

Benedict Taylor

Richard Thomas

Takahiro Tomatsu

Ruta Vitkauskaite

Max Wainwright

Jennifer Walshe

Sarah Kate Wilson





Series Showreel:


Episode 1 - 7th May 2016

Featuring Lore Lixenberg, Adam de la Cour PLUS SPECIAL GUEST CELEBRITIES live in the studio (aka Richard Thomas)


Features by Andy Ingamells, Matt Rogers & Sally O'Reilly, Langham Research Centre, Adam de la Cour, Max Wainwright, and more....

Chart Countdown tracks -

Furious Pig - I don't like you face

Freu Pinta - Algorithmic Composition No.1

Makiko Nishikaze - Piano Opera No.1

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Photographs by Dimitri Djuric

Episode 2 - 14th May 2016

Featuring Bastard Assignments live in the studio!


Features by Sharon Gal, Takahiro Tomatsu,

Matt Rogers & Sally O'Reilly, and Jennifer Walshe!

Chart Countdown tracks -

Freu Pinta - Algorithmic Composition No.1

Donkey Vegetable VOXXX!!! - P.i.E.

Mike Vernusky - Episode 22: Stars

Episode 3 - 21st May 2016

Featuring Parkinson Saunders live in the studio

Features by Jenny Moore, Stephen Crowe, Iain Chambers & Catherine Carter, Matt Rogers & Sally O'Reilly

Chart Countdown tracks -

Melt Banana - Dog Song

Freu Pinta - Algorithmic Composition No.1

Richard Dawson - Judas Iscariot

Episode 4 - 28th May 2016

Featuring Zubin Kanga and Sarah Kate Wilson (with Karen David)

live in the studio

Features by Richard DeDomenici, Ruta Vitkauskaite, Leo Chadburn,

Andy Ingamells, Matt Rogers & Sally O'Reilly

Chart Countdown tracks -

James Batty - Giant

Freu Pinta - I Miss You

Christopher Fox - Everything You Need to Know

Episode 5 - 4th June 2016

Featuring ClapTON Ensemble (Elo Masing & Ilze Ikse) and Musarc live in the studio!

Features by Chihiro Ono & Hatsune Miku, Steve Roggenbuck, Jennifer Walshe, Matt Rogers & Sally O'Reilly

Chart Countdown tracks -

Christopher Trapani - Wayfaring Stranger

Freu Pinta - Algorithmic Composition No.1

William Billings - Creation

Photographs by Dimitri Djuric

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